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Haynard Ltd



Dr Julie Winnard


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Tel: +44 7712 166350 +44 7712 166350


Registered Company number 6819877 (UK)


Non-disclosure agreements

Many clients prefer to work under an NDA to provide a framework for confidentiality; we also prefer this for any work involving confidential and proprietary information. We are happy to do this provided the NDA is fairly standard- please get in touch to discuss your needs.



Privacy Policy& Data Policy/GPDR


We do not send general marketing emails out or make generic sales calls. We do approach potential new clients (organisations) about specific projects, who we think could benefit from our services. If we have been in contact with you about sustainability consultancy we will have your contact details (email and possibly phone) on file on a private protected computer in the UK, provided you agree to us keeping them. We will only keep and use them if, when we ask, you have given your explicit permission to us to do so for the purposes of sustainability consultancy. We may then also contact you from time to time to see if you have need of any services after that; otherwsie we will only keep your details for as long as necessary to do our business together and as long as required to by law, tax etc regulations. We will not use your data for purposes other than sustainability consultancy. We will not share your data with 3rd parties except as required by tax and legal or other bodies e.g. anti-corruption regulators; please note, these may be outside the UK. If for some reason we use an online platform such as Paypal or LinkedIn to communicate or transact business, they will also have a record of your details. They may be outside the UK and will have their own privacy policies; your first port of call for managing this data is to contact them. If we do not hear from you for some time w ewill endeavour to remove your data from the systems we control after approximately 5 years or after any retention period required by UK regulations.


If you do not want us to retain your details or receive (very occasional) email or phone contact, if you want to find out what information we am holding or remove it, if you want to change your permission on how we use your data, or if you need help removing data from a 3rd party site we have used together, please contact us at the above email or phone and we will assist you to do this.


If you require the registered company land address for Haynard Ltd to communicate by paper with us, please get in touch by email and we will send you those details (or, you can look Haynard Ltd up on the Companies House website).

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