Consultancy & Other Services

Haynard Ltd offers a range of consultancy and services to help your business find opportunities and become more robust through acting more sustainably. We can also work on custom projects unique to you.


  • Carbon Footprints and other Sustainability Reporting- support with data gathering and report writing, advice on how to improve your scoring performance; from carbon to wider CSR type reports, and help with new developments like PPN 06/21 or CBAM.

  • Carbon Reduction Plans, Net Zero plans and ther improvements- choosing appropriate targets, identying efefctive and practicala ctions you can take through to making a business case for each action or implementing them.


  • Decarbonising vehicle fleets and transport-from simple carbon footprinting to bespoke advice on adopting more efficient modes, EVs and hybrids; for business travel, commuting and logistics

  • Problem-solving support  -buy some time to work out what you need, and create a project, hiring or scoping brief with support from a sustainability expert.

  • Training and workshops from the basics of sustainability or carbon measurement through to culture change approaches or sophisticated techniques for setting strategy

  • Strategy support -to help you identify the most resilient and sustainable strategy for your business, technology R&D/design or products and services. 















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