Resilient Sustainability


Haynard Ltd offers a range of consultancy and services to help your business find opportunities and become more robust through acting more sustainably.


  • Strategy tools, support and training -to help you identify the most resilient and sustainable strategy for your business, technology R&D/design or products and services


  • Sustainability reporting- support with data gathering and report writing, advice on how to improve your performance, and help with new developments like TCFD


  • Green vehicle fleet consultancy -from simple carbon footprinting to bespoke advice on adopting EVs and hybrids


  • Transition Engineering innovation- green product service and system design and development


  • Problem-solving support and training -find paradigm-shifting opportunities to reduce issues and create positive change for your organisation and its stakeholders, using SuReSDSTM and other techniques


Haynard Ltd was founded in 2009 by Dr Julie Winnard. She has worked as a sustainability consultant since 2010 both freelance and withn teams. She was a senior engineer and project manager before that, mostly in the automotive industry, and has always been interested in the enviromental and scoial impacts of business and industry. In 2015 she finished an Industrial Doctorate in Sustainability for Engineering and Energy Systems with the University of Surrey and Ford Motor Company. As part of this she has published 3 journal papers on how sustainability can be integrated into strategy decisions, developing the SuReSDSTM approach and testing it in 5 real-world projects successfully. She also writes articles on sustainability in forums such as LinkedIn. She has previously provided data research and advice on green vehicles and fleets, and helped develop best practice. In the past year she has written a ClimateWise report for a client, supported their repsonses to outside investor questions, and advised on how to strat implementing TCFD. She also helped assemble a response from the upcycling community to the Parliamentary Committee on Fashion Waste (which resulted in the report Fixing Fashion: Clothing Consumption and Sustainability).



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