What is Resilient Sustainability?


"The ability to deliver sustainability despite a changing business context; and the resilience which can be achieved through implementing sustainability properly as a fundamental part of business strategy" 

-Dr Julie Winnard 



Resilient Sustainability is the ethos and approach of Haynard Ltd for our consultancy work. Through experience and research, we have found that this combination is the most successful and impactful. 


Sustainability is no use without resilience to ensure it can endure and adapt to change - think of companies who had great sustainable plans but got caught out by change, and even accused of greenwashing later. Resilience is temporary or undesirable without sustainability, because you are not managing environmental, social and even economic risks without integrating sustainability into your strategies; and you may continue to do unsustainable things, exposing yourself to increasing risks. Here, think of companies currently subject to a paradigm shift and possible asset-stranding, such as fossil fuel extractors. You need both qualities together to flourish in today's quickly moving and uncertain business environment.


(If you want to read more, see the testimonials and papers page for some links and the references in those will lead you to other researchers in this area).


How we work


For some projects we will assign you a single consultant. For others we can create a team using trusted and skilled associates from other organisations to create the right blend of resources to meet your requirements. If you want to know more about our associates for a project you are planning, please get in touch through the Contact Us page.


We can work on specific projects with deadlines or on as pay-as-you-go system with or without a retainer, dependng on the type of projects and support you need. For some client feedback please see the testimonials page.



This stands for "Sustainable resilient Strategic Decision Support" and is a modular technique Dr Winnard developed with clients to allow them to manage strategy decisions about complex systems and in settings with a number of unknowns. It uses a simple blend of Creating Shared Value, Transition Engineering and Robustness techniques to identify what is required, where value can be created for the organisation and other stakeholders, and how risks and unknowns can be managed. It can generate, analyse and assist you to choose between different strategy options. As it is modular it can be applied at different stages of your decision-making and is flexible for use in varying situations.


Dr Julie Winnard (Director)

The SuReSDS (TM) Process

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